What are essential oils, and why are they good for me?

Essential oils are highly concentrated, extracted plant oils that are said to have healing properties for the human body, mind and spirit. The use of essential oils in alternative medicine dates back centuries, way before modern medicine. It is believed that essential oils can aid in the regeneration of the body by speeding up the recovery against hidden ailments such as stress, respiratory issues, exhaustion, body aches, concentration problems etc. Although these studies are not supported by the FDA, the pure essential oils used in our candles are backed by many scientific studies on healing potentials and can revive any environment or worn soul. 

Our oils are extracted using the best method for each botanical or essential plant, ensuring the upmost therapeutic quality. 


Do your candles contain harsh chemicals?

Absolutely Not! While our synthetic fragrances are chemically derived they are cosmetic grade oils and contain no harsh chemicals therefore safer for your home and environment.

Our oils are certified by the International Fragrance Association {IFRA} to make sure that all the ingredients and compounds are monitored for toxicity and allergens. Each and every fragrance is tested for toxicity and is approved for safe usage in our candles. For more info on IFRA certifications, you may visit their website directly:  


Do your candles contain Parabens or Nitro Musk?

Absolutely Not! Paraben  is a preservative used in, cheap fragrances, creams, shampoos etc. Although this additive is mostly absorbed thru the skin it is said to be part of cheap fragrance oils used in commercial grade candles, which when burned, can release harmful toxins into the air we believe should be therapeutic not harmful.

Nitro Musk is a chemical used in fragrances, and said to accumulate in the environment and body causing hormonal disturbances. Nitro Musk is banned in most countries and at our company too!

We conduct extensive reserach to get our customers the best oils the market has to offer. 


Do your candles contain Lead Wicks?

Absolutely Not! Our wicks are made in the US from a local manufacturer, and do not contain any lead. Also, they are made of 100% cotton which enables our candles to burn nicer and with less soot. 


Do you candles contain any paraffin additives?

Absolutely Not! Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum and burning of it releases harmful gases into the air. Our candles are made of pure soy, with other natural vegetable additives (mostly to preserve and transmit fragrance better) but are 100% pure and naturally derived. By using locally manufactured soy wax, we proudly support US farmers, lessen black soot production of wicks, and reduce allergens that may release into your environment. 


Are your candle ingredients or  oils tested on animals?

We would never do that or buy from a manufacturer that would do that.  You can be sure that all of our ingredients are cruelty free and safe for your environment. 


Please note: If you are pregnant, nursing or prone to allergies please consult your physician before considering our candles. If you have additional questions on the above please contact us.